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Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon 2009): Calls for Proposals

OKCon 2009: Calls for Proposals

To propose a presentation or workshop at OKCon please:

  • EITHER: put the details on the OKCon 2009 CFP wiki page

  • OR: email us direct at info [at] okfn [dot] org with a title and a few details.

Subject Matter

We’re very ‘open’ regarding subject matter. Anything related to open knowledge is good be it a new (or even old) tool, site, service, dataset, theoretical or empirical research etc etc.


  • Presentations slots will usually be around 10 minutes (maximum 15). If you require longer than this please say (and say why)
  • A/V equipment should be available (so you can show slides etc)

Proposals for whole sessions or workshops are also welcome but should include appropriate detail either of the presentations contained within the session or of the contents of the workshop etc.

Notification and Scheduling

In general we try to ensure that everyone who wants to present will be able to do so. However, given the time constraints we cannot guarantee this.

We should let you know by the second week of March if there are any issues with fitting in your proposal. We plan to finalize the schedule the week before the event.

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