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Hi ha moltes Societats del Coneixement possibles. Aquí apostem per una d’oberta i lliure.

Estimat senyor Google:

Ho acabo d’enviar al jefe de Google. Joer, quin nivellasso angles que gasto.


Si també vols protestar per a que els meus per altres bandes admiradissims googleros, deixin d’emular al gran hermao orwellià…,  fes-ho tu també, des d’aquí:

Mr. Josep Vives
Treball 220-222, esc dreta baix 1a
Barcelona (Spain), None 08020

Jul 23, 2009

Eric Schmidt
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Dear Dr.  Schmidt,

I’m a potential user of the Google Book Search service and I feel strongly about my reading privacy.  As Google Books takes shape, I want to see it protect my freedom to read, including a solid privacy policy that includes at least the following protections:

1) Protection Against Disclosure: I should be able to use Google books without worrying that the government or a third party is reading over my shoulder.  Google needs to promise that it will protect my reading records by responding only to properly-issued warrants from law enforcement and court orders from third parties, and that it will let me know if anyone has demanded access to information about me.

2) Limited Tracking: Just as I can anonymously browse books in a library or bookstore, I should be able to search, browse, and preview Google books without being forced to identify myself to Google.  I should not have to register or provide any personal information, and Google should not keep logging information for any of its services longer than 30 days.  Google should also not link any information it does collect about my use of Google Book Search to my usage of any other Google services without my specific, affirmative consent.

3) User Control: I should have complete control of my purchases and purchasing data.  I should be able to delete my records and have extensive permissions controls for my "bookshelves" or any other reading displays.  I should be able to "give" books to anyone, including to myself, without tracking. Google also shouldn’t reveal any information about my Google book use to credit card processors or any other third parties.

I will be keeping track of Google in the coming weeks, and I look forward to seeing strong, user-focused privacy standards for this important and exciting new service.


Mr. Josep Vives

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Bones festes, amb drets i llibertats digitals també

Learn more about this video and support EFF!

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